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Treitel's Global Contacts


  • Treitel’s activities on the Israeli Water Treatment market are backed by Exclusive Know-How and Representation Agreements with Global Market Leaders in this field.
  • The products of these companies are not only used ascomponents in Treitel’s plants and systems, but are also sold by Treitel to other OEMs who are active in the Israeli Water Treatment industry.
  • The following is a short description of Treitel's international partners who are pacesetters on the American and the European markets:

DOW Ion Exchange Resins.
Polymeric Adsorbents.
ProMinent Water Disinfection Systems by Cl2, ClO2, O3, UV.
Dosing Pumps and Systems, Measurement & Control.
GEMU Industrial Valves, Actuators and Control Systems.
Valves for Sterile and High Purity Applications. 
Calgon Carbon Municipal and Industrial UV Disinfection Systems 
Chemviron Carbon Granular and Powder Activated Carbons.
Activated Carbon Pellets and Cloth.
KOCH RO, NF, UF, MF and MBR Membranes.
Membranes Systems and Plants. 
Lovibond Water and Waste Water solutions
for use in Field and Laboratories
WTW Analytical process and Field measurements
for Water and Waste Water
SI Analytics Process and Laboratory electrodes, Digital titrators,
viscometers and hotplates

Automatic Samplers and Flow Measurement in open channels.
ALL- FLO Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps