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TREION™- New Business Unit at Treitel Chemical Engineering  

  • Portable Tanks containing fully regenerated and Ready for Use Mixed-Bed Ion Exchange Resins.
  • Convenient, Reliable and Cost-Effective method to produce small volumes of High-Purity Water from Tap Water.
  • Operational Capacity = 2.5-3.0 X the capacity of local competitive columns with same volume of resin, hence Columns Exchange Frequency < 0.4X the frequency of competitive columns.
  • Off-site Environment-Friendly Regeneration facility incorporates a Treitel-developed state of the art Ion Exchange Technology where acid, caustic and Water are both fully utilized and continuously recycled so Waste Generation is Minimized.
  • Customers: Pharma & Biochem, Electronic, Glass & Lens, Plastic, Cosmetic, Detergent, Chemical & General Industries, Laboratories, Hospitals, Health-Care Clinics, Pharmacies, Vehicles Service Centers, Solar Panels Cleaning, Mobile Washing, Cafes & Restaurants
  • Thousands of new TREION™ users since June 2008 launch.